Privacy Policy

The two non-negotiables at Mastery in Sales are we put our clients’ needs first, and we take their privacy or visitors’ privacy to our site very seriously. Please review the following Privacy Policy information to ensure your peace of mind.

Do we collect Personal Data?
THIS SITE COLLECTS PERSONAL DATA TO ENSURE WE PROVIDE THE BEST SERVICE AVAILABLE!  This data helps to provide products and services that apply to you, and improve on our ever changing environment to effectively help our potential or current clients. WE WILL NEVER SELL ANY OF YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION TO A THIRD PARTY, AND YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION WILL REMAIN PRIVATE.

What Personal Information do we collect?
Several different ways we may collect your personal information are when you navigate our site you may take a survey, register for one of our workshops, schedule a breakthrough session, or when you create an account, you will be asked some standard questions. Information collected: Name, email address, contact number phone number, time zone, and if applicable your current profession.

How do we Protect Your Personal Information?
Mastery in Sales takes our clients’ or potential clients’ privacy very seriously!  For this reason purchases will only be made available with a sales representative. Your billing information/credit card information will be uploaded to a secured and encrypted third party ensuring the best security. The third party has precautionary measures to ensure the highest standards are available. We urge you to protect yourself while surfing the net, and never give out personal information such as login information or passwords. If you have further questions visit our website: and click contact us.  

Disclosure of Information We Collect!
If asked to recommend a service/product we can make recommendations providing you with information or an introduction. Also when collaborating in a workshop you may share your information. AGAIN WE WILL NOT SHARE ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION COLLECTED.

THIS SITE may send personal information about you to other companies or people when we need to share your information to provide the product or service you have requested, or to provide a product or service to you. However, these companies are only permitted to use the personal information for these purposes.